Keryflex Nail Restoration 

KeryFlex is a revolutionary treatment offered at Lidcombe Podiatry that aims to restore the appearance and functionality of damaged or unsightly toenails. This innovative technique involves the application of a specialised resin material that is carefully sculpted and shaped to match the natural contour of the patient’s nail. KeryFlex is particularly beneficial for individuals with discolored, cracked, or brittle nails resulting from conditions like fungal infections, trauma, or genetic disorders. By providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing cover, KeryFlex enhances the appearance of the affected nails, allowing individuals to regain confidence and enjoy healthier, more attractive feet.

Keryflex differs from other materials (like acrylic/gel) as it is semi-flexible, which helps mimic the movement of a natural nail. It has proven to be a superior cosmetic product due to its durability and, more importantly, comfort. Our podiatrist, Gema, is our Keryflex specialist.