Footwear Assessment

 Ensure optimal foot health with a professional Footwear Assessment at Lidcombe Podiatry. We tailor our services to your unique needs.

Foot issues can be due to various causes, such as poor posture, incorrect walking patterns or even ill-fitting shoes, all of which can lead to discomfort and long-term damage. A Footwear Assessment is an essential service designed to evaluate your shoe choices and how they impact your foot health. During this process, trained professionals analyse your foot shape, gait and specific needs to recommend the best footwear for optimal health and comfort. 

At Lidcombe Podiatry, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier Footwear Assessment services. We utilise our extensive experience to ensure that residents of Cumberland have access to the best possible care for their feet.

Ensure your shoes are the perfect fit with a Footwear Assessment at Lidcombe Podiatry. Contact us at (02) 8745 6297.

What’s Involved in Footwear Assessment?

The process of Footwear Assessment at Lidcombe Podiatry involves several key steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with a discussion about your health history, lifestyle and any foot discomfort you are experiencing.
  2. Physical Examination: Our specialists examine your feet for any abnormalities or issues that could influence your footwear needs.
  3. Gait Analysis: We observe your walking and running patterns to identify any misalignment or biomechanical issues.
  4. Footwear Evaluation: We assess your current shoes for fit, wear patterns and appropriateness for your foot type and activity level.
  5. Recommendations: Based on the assessment, we provide personalised footwear recommendations and, if necessary, custom orthotic solutions.

      Ideal Features of Shoes

      Selecting the right shoe is crucial for maintaining good foot health. Here are some key features to consider:

      Proper Fit

      Ensure that shoes fit well in the heel, toe area and width to prevent slipping and unnecessary friction.

      Breathable Materials

      Shoes made from breathable materials help manage moisture and maintain a healthy environment for your feet.

      Adequate Support

      Shoes should offer good arch support and cushioning to distribute weight evenly and reduce pressure on any one part of the foot.

      Flexible Sole

      A flexible sole accommodates the natural movement of your feet while walking, enhancing comfort.

      Appropriate Heel Height

      Opt for a heel height that provides stability and comfort, generally no more than 2-3 centimetres.

      Why Choose Lidcombe Podiatry for Footwear Assessment

      Choosing Lidcombe Podiatry for your Footwear Assessment means selecting a partner committed to your foot health:

      • Experienced Professionals: Our team of experts has been servicing the Cumberland area for over 15 years, offering specialised podiatric care.
      • Customised Solutions: We provide personalised footwear recommendations tailored to meet your unique needs.
      • Comprehensive Care: From initial assessment to follow-up, we ensure every step is handled with attention and expertise.
      • Local Trust: Deely rooted in the Cumberland community, we are dedicated to the long-term health of our residents’ feet.
      • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are committed to ensuring that you leave our clinic satisfied with your Footwear Assessment experience.

      At Lidcombe Podiatry, your foot health is our top priority. Trust us to provide you with the best Footwear Assessment services in the Cumberland area and enhance your comfort and mobility.